G-GRA Brand

G-GRA the utmost for body booster

With vale of Mitraginine and Siberian ginseng. Boost your body and mind for readiness with caffeine free and sugar free with G-GRA Mitra Shot,

the energy drink for every activity with condense extraction from herbs, Eleutheroside from Siberian herb and Mitraginine , a perfect combination

with vitamin and mineral for your body needs

Let’s check how utmost it is

  • Extracted of Mitraginine with analgesic effects through opioid receptor in the brain, helps reduce infection and healing wounds
  • Extracted Eleutheroside from Siberian ginseng helps stimulus central nerval system to the utmost efficiency,
  • Help stimulus your nerval system, building energy, restoring functionality of your body after recovery from sickness                                                                                      and helps your metabolism and reduce stress.

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