G-GRA Brand

G-GRA 0% caffeine, 100% active

Enjoy all your activities to the most with G-GRA MITRA SHOT. The energy drink with caffeine free but will keep you active 100% and also, sugar free. Rich with condensed extraction of local herbs, vitamin, mineral and Mitraginine, Eleutheroside from Siberian ginseng, vitamin 3 B, 6 B, 12 torine, coline, magnesium, sodium, enositol and potassium for better health and energy increase

  • Produce from natural products, safe for all, drinkable from age of 12 and up for your efficiency in study and work
  • Caffeine free, sugar free, good flavor, easy to drink with specific extraction mixed with berry fragrant
  • reduce infection and wound healing
  • stop gastric acid so glucose can circulate in to cells more effectively
  • pain relief from Mitraginine
  • refreshing from extracted ingredient from Siberian ginseng
  • restore muscle strength, flowing of oxygen into muscle flow
  • Detoxing wasted by increasing liver functioning
  • Prevent muscle spasm from study or work stress
  • Build concentration, increase memory and help functioning of brain and nervous system

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