G-GRA Brand

Still have fun even after many drinks, fun with no hang over

Work hard and party hard to enjoy life but in the morning, you might hang over, drowsy, not ready to work.

Today Admin will reveal how to have fun without feeling hang over

  • Drink moderately
  • Never drink with empty stomach
  • Have enough rest
  • Drink G- GRA after party, guarantee no hang over after

Waking up and still feeling fresh because G-GRA Mitra shot contains

  • Extracted of Mitraginine with analgesic effects through opioid receptor in the brain, helps reducing gastric acid And increase glucose in to your body for body balance and eliminate waste in the body, especially alcohol consumer
  • Magnesium and Cloline, helps relaxing and increase liver functionality to eliminate toxic – Inosolite , improve functionality of body’s organs

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