G-GRA Brand

Another round with G- GRA

If you are worried that you will not last long or good enough. Take G-GRA regularly and you will be worried free, how many rounds

you desire tonight, be ready because in a bottle of G-GRA you will feel refreshing , long lasting make your sex life joyful

with the extracted ingredients for herbs and vitamin

  • Extracted of Mitraginine make you feel fresh, reduce muscle pain and long lasting of your exercise
  • Extracted Eleutheroside from Siberian ginseng helps body strength and beta endorphin makes your exercise more fun
  • Potassium, helps control your heart beat
  • Magnesium, helps relaxing and reduce muscle spasm
  • Cloline, helps feeling of relaxing
  • Sodium, helps muscle to function effectively
  • Inosotil, helps restore body organs’ functionality

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